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Whole new concept to catfighting on the net. Picture illustrated stories in various scenarios


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Totally realistic characters and stories in the most unimaginable scenarios.

The Catfighting Stories collection by J. Bates have been selling on the web for over a year now on his membership website. For the first time ever they have been made available as a downloadable storybook.

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Each edition contains more than 100 pics in full color and no less than 700 pixels in size.

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About the Author

Being a catfight fan for most of his life, J. Bates knows how to capture the moment. He seems to know what the catfight fan wants to see and hear.

He recalls the first school girl fight he saw when he was barely a child.

"I was way too young to realize any sexual feelings, but short of being hypnotized, I'll never know what came over me at that moment. From that day on little did I know that I would be captivated by every female fight I saw."

"Gotta be one of the most creative catfight writers around." Fightingirlz.com

The Kidnap

The story begins where Pam Stoker the local school teacher is on her way home one late night from the bar. A car pulls along the sidewalk and the window rolls down. "You look like you could use a ride babe." Came the voice from inside the car. Pam leans over to see the once familiar face of Carol, one of her ex students mothers.

Pam excepts the ride, and they go back to her place. On arriving at home Pam feels that she should offer Carol in for a nightcap, as a kind gesture for the ride home.

After a few drinks and chat of past events and relationships, Pam starts to feel sleepy and hints that Carol leave so that she can retire to her bed. Carol a confessed Lesbian now feeling the effects of the alchohol, starts to show her feelings towards Pam, telling her that she has always had the hots for her.

Pam being totally straight will not have any of this, and eventually has to order Carol to leave. Carol who by this time has consumed even more alcohol, gets offended at being rejected and starts to get violent.

Carol being physically larger and stronger than Pam, decides that she is in control, and dominates Pam to the point that she can not take anymore, and tries to call the cops.

Big Mistake......



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